#MFWA18 begins! Dizz Fashion Show

A whirlwind of a year it has been, lo and behold Malta Fashion Week is upon us again. This year is very special for the organising team, given that they are celebrating TWENTY years since the first fashion awards were held for the first time. Up to now, there have been 8 Malta fashion weeks, and this blog is pleased to announce that for the 5th consecutive year, it will be covering events among which are the shows but also presentations. For all of this, keep in touch through the Instagram portal @style_in_transit πŸ™‚

Onto the first fashion show and the official start to the events held at St Elmo and that span 7 days, with the apt conclusion being the Malta Awards 2018 edition, on the 2nd of June.

To kick off things with a mix of high street to high-end fashion, the largest fashion house in Malta, the Dizz Fashion Group, presented a number of looks from the upcoming summer season collections. The participating brands among others were Liu Jo, Guess, Michael Kors, Max&Co, Trussardi Jeans, PINKO, and Elisabetta Franchi. The evening was very seamlessly organised in that the brands were divided in two, thus giving the audience the opportunity to mingle and take in the pleasant atmosphere of such a vibrant crowd.

The Trend Report 

This piece is not really a review of all the pieces and brands, but rather some observations and preferences on what caught my eye, either because of the style or colour. So it will be for this year’s other articles featured on this blog.

As can be seen from the selection above, predominant colours were red and pink/fuchsia (with a bit of florals for good measure), as well as the two worn in one outfit. Even though it has been months already in which we have seen this iteration and combination of colours, there is something soothing yet energising when wearing them together. Whether as a dress or a pair of pants, red is something that has become a staple colour so it seems to have resisted the test of fashion micro seasons. Contrastingly, this season also welcomes a fresh innocence via white in the softest, lightest materials. Long flowing skirts or breathable shirts are designed simply but elegantly, giving the wearer much mileage out of clothing that can be seasonless and trend-less. What is common among the majority of the pieces above, whether separately or as ensembles, is their wearability, versatility, and that they are not determined very strongly by trends.

For more details and information, check out http://www.maltafashionweek.com

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