Of Rainbows and Stars -#MFWA ‘18/ Parascandalo

*S*T*A*R by Parascandalo

2018 marks an important year for homegrown designer Marco Parascandalo, as he celebrates 5 years since debuting at Malta Fashion Week. What has become almost de rigeur and now quasi-iconic for many local fashionistas are Parascandalo’s denim designs, his slogan tees, and more recently, the clashing of styles and materials, such as a tulle skirt and stud detailing.

The 2018 *S*T*A*R collection renews two signature styles of Marco, namely patchwork design and fringing, but what I really enjoyed about his pieces is the youthfulness that oozes from every piece he created, whether it is a black-based outfit or a melange of colours.

Another aspect that is worth noting would be the 80s/90s influence in some of the details, such as the bum bag and the tulle skirt matched with a studded denim patched top.

I must say that my absolute favorites were the rich blue and the striking rainbow hues, very symbolic of positive energy and diversity respectively. In fact, the nod to the experimental also emerged in the choice of models who walked the runway, and Parascandalo once again pulled this off in many different colourful ways. Everyone, ultimately, is a star!

Photos by Justin Ciappara / makeup artist team led by Jennifer Dimech / lead hairstylist Lee Grixti

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