Dreams from Afar- Australian-based designer Jason Grech at #MFWA18

To travel from Australia to Malta requires a day at least. Been there, done that. And that was just for a holiday. Now imagine having to cart around an entire fashion collection, hoping that all pieces arrive safe and sound. Whether or not Maltese-born Melbourne-based designer Jason Grech was travelling from the land of Oz in order for him to showcase his work at Malta Fashion Week, it made me wonder about the amount of traveling such designers must put in so that they can share their creations. It is no mean feat when you consider that so much of your creative output is hurtling along on a plane. So, as a brief aside, I thought we would take a moment to appreciate the efforts and sacrifices these people make for us to enjoy a show and partake in the display of their final pieces.

On to the collection…

If Gaetano’s pieces cater to the flamboyant, daring divas within us, then Jason Grech sings to the tune of delicate princesses. Dainty, sophisticated, and dreamy are the descriptors that come to mind when I see such well-executed pieces. Jason Grech takes you on a journey with his collection, with each dress floating effortlessly and smoothly like the buttery melt of a pie. He makes of fashion a habit of light as seen in the fairytale designs and the soft-as-clouds colours. You can tell that the models are comfortable and happy in his designs; they fit as though they were a second skin. Dear Jason, we would definitely want to see more from you!

Photos: Justin Ciappara

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