Quo Vadis, Blog?

We do not stop creating. But do we stop being expressive, reflective, and resourceful?

Words vs the image, the video – who do you think is winning at the moment? What do people really want? The quick scrolling whilst they’re waiting for an appointment or a proper read whilst commuting?

If is it the former, do we desist from producing content like this? Just to appease an ever-growing lazy mind in people who cannot be bothered to cultivate? How many makeup tutorials or shopping haul videos do you really need to see and consume before you become an empty shell?

Sometimes I wonder whether I have lost the will to blog. But I still love working with words, shaping meaning by stringing ideas together, black on white. There are others who, like me, soldier on. And yes, that is quite the apt phrasal verb because it feels like a struggle, a lost cause, a battle long out of my hands because many tell me, who reads nowadays? Yet if we do give in completely, there will be nothing left. After all, why publish books anyway?

The situation is not so dire, thankfully. There are tens of thousands of readers worldwide. We should not limit ourselves to the stark statistics in Malta, where the readership numbers are one of the lowest. Blame it on our lifestyle – we love going out, meeting people, any other day of the week. Blame it on the fact that we drive everywhere so we are not reading whilst commuting. Blame it on our obsession with social media, where we would rather click on one Insta Story after another, hearing or watching people talk about insignificant things.

When was the last time you picked up a book? When have you last read one from end to end? Learnt something new. And I am not talking about some latest craze or must-have materialistic item.

Blogging has always been about expression, sharing content and ideas. It is also about having an opinion, a voice even if it falls on deaf ears at times. I have always resisted the superficial type of blogging that goes ‘hey friends – today I am wearing this pretty dress and I really like it’. Even a four-year-old can do better. That type of blogging also promotes endless consumerism, buying stuff we do not really need, made of material that does not really last. As long as we have lots of things, we reckon we are happy (that is a topic for another day).

However, we are not rich based on how many clothes or possessions we have, but on what we know and can do with that knowledge. Meanwhile, I decided to give another chance to the blog. Will you?

As EM Forster said, ‘Only Connect’ so get in touch with your community, start a blog. Let us work to revive this beautiful medium.

Images: pexels.com

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