La Couleur Invisible by Maria Cutajar – #MFWA19

There is the catwalk show – which is a performance – and then there is the collection itself, the clothes which sometimes have to be assessed individually. I am raising this point because when you see the photos on their own, the reaction might be different.

In the case of Maria Cutajar’s collection, one can admit that it was anything but invisible. The striking oranges and blues tempered with the subtler colours marked an interesting contrast and overall it was a consistent collection. Cutajar is still faithful to certain thicker fabrics – catering for colder climes- but unlike in a previous collection, the result here is younger-looking, not dawdy or matronly but more business-like, which serves as a good balance to the more playful pieces.

Now, onto the hidden question posed above? If we remove the music, the fashion week vibe and ambience, how well does the collection fare? With tranquility comes reflection, and on inspecting the garments, I would say they are well-executed.

Are they to everyone’s tastes? If you consider that question, then it is quite safe to say that no single piece by any designer will be liked by everyone. Taste is more subjective than standards. And on that note, I can say I have seen a great improvement in Cutajar’s work.

Photos by Mark Soler

ps- the collection was inspired by Casablanca the movie (but one can add the Moroccan vibes are positively there) – it also reminds me of a series called The Hour together with clothes worn in colonial times.

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