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A preview, review and retrospective of Luke Azzopardi’s collection Nocturnal Artefacts

On one crisp but sultry night in summer, a palace in Mdina opened its doors to a select audience, who could feast its eyes on a special *private* collection, a preview of an important debut.

After years of sharpening his skills and establishing a name for himself in the local fashion circles, Luke Azzopardi was priming himself for the most pivotal moment in his career so far: debuting at London Fashion Week.

So with that ‘excuse’, his team (and under the auspices of the Malta Arts Council) organised a ‘trial run’, to test the waters as it were. Let me assure you that it was anything but. I cannot find the words except that this collection is intriguing and mysterious, but also luxurious and deftly executed.

I have enjoyed a privileged position watching Luke evolve thanks to my role as a fashion writer and this blog. Back when Luke burst onto the scene, there I was, chronlicling his works through my camera and articles: from the impressive show at Hagar Qim, to the tableau presentation at Camilleri Paris Mode, to the operatic collection held in one of Gozo’s iconic theatres. And now THIS COLLECTION. Iconic is what Luke A’s work has become, as he now prides himself of also having his pieces donned by personalities, celebrities, and local influencers.

What more can I say? As reviews go, the success in London probably speaks for itself, and is a testament to this young, creative, Gozitan designer’s talent. Apart from being inspired by the Nibbia Chapel, the details I would remark on are probably the fancy marriage of materials and colours, resulting in a sophisticated union: from the freshest green (one of Luke’s signature hues), the deep-set purples, to the supersubtle gold. Finally, one cannot overlook the most remarkable pieces, or rather, Luke’s ode to the ball gown – regal, dramatic, and overpowering.

Now, feast your eyes on these creations and, at the end, there is a surprise!

If you will be joining one of the biggest local fashion events aka Pink Fashion Show (in 3 days), then you are in for a treat…

Luke Azzopardi’s READY TO WEAR collection will be showcased as part of the line-up. Guess where? Another historically significant location, the Rialto. See you there!

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